Time to Take Bets on Frexit and the French Franc?

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, spinning a molehill into a mountain:

Marine Le Pen’s Front National won 54pc of the vote. It was a bad defeat for the Gaulliste UMP, a party at risk of disintegration unless it can find a leader in short order.

President Hollande’s Socialists were knocked out in the first round, due to mass defection to the Front National by the working-class Socialist base. The Socialists thought the Front worked to their advantage by splitting the Right. They have at last woken up to the enormous political danger.

Oh please…

We’re discussing a small town, in an area with a long history of voting for the extreme-right. And the candidate was elected with a pitiful 45% turnout (French).

Can we stop this fear-mongering about Europe in Anglo-Saxon media outlets? It’s beyond ridiculous.