The Most Disruptive Tech Over the Next Five Years

Tim Bajarin, for Techpinions:

One of the more interesting panel discussions at CES was about disruptive technologies over the next five years. The panelists tossed around ideas they thought would be disruptive over this period — robotics, self driving cars, sensors, wearables, home automation and a few others. Creative Strategies Partner and Tech.pinions co-founder Ben Bajarin was on the panel and was asked at the end what he thought would be the most disruptive technology he saw on the horizon. He stated it would be the fact that more people will come online for the first time over the next five years than have in the past 30 years. The global implications of adding another two billion Internet users could be quite disruptive. Panelist Avi Greengart of Current Analysis echoed that and said the most disruptive technology is already here in the form of the smart phone.

An entire swath of the world population is indeed getting internet for the first time on a smart phone. And that’s huge.

There’s more to it, though, because two related trends are playing out alongside in developed countries:

  1. Low income households are now using their mobile phone as their primary — and increasingly only — internet device.
  2. Households who primarily use their laptop for web surfing and internet communications are, in many cases, just as well off using a tablet.

If you’re operating a website and have missed those two trends in the past five years or so, it’s time to wake up.