Blogging’s Bright Future

Ben Thompson:

When I speak of the “blog” I am referring to a regularly-updated site that is owned-and-operated by an individual (there is, of course, the “group blog,” but it too has a clearly-defined set of authors). And there, in that definition, is the reason why, despite the great unbundling, the blog has not and will not die: it is the only communications tool, in contrast to every other social service, that is owned by the author; to say someone follows a blog is to say someone follows a person.

My thoughts exactly.

Two big trends are sweeping through the media business:

  1. Trying to capture high quantities of fickle readers, by using clickbait articles, infographics, and forms of news stories that one could reasonably describe as entertainment — think Business Insider or BuzzFeed.
  2. Trying to attract and retain a high quality audience, by combining curated content, analysis, and opinion pieces — think John Gruber’s Daring Fireball or Monday Note.

The blog format (coupled with a newsletter) is something of an ideal venue for the latter when you’re an individual or a small team of individuals.

So I’m in full agreement with Ben: the blog format is here to stay.