7 Questions You Can Ask While Doing Phone Support

A good list on Aircall’s blog:

  1. Solve your customer’s issue or question (obviously)
    How can I help you?
  2. Dig a little bit deeper
    May I help you with anything else?
  3. Understand the usage of your product
    Which particular case are you using X for?
  4. Ask for features feedback
    Which features are your craving for?
  5. Ask if they would refer you (and if not, why)
    How would you feel about inviting your friends and colleagues to try it out?
  6. Build a community
    Would you be interested in subscribing to our newsletter / following us on twitter or facebook?
  7. Rate your customer overall satisfaction
    How satisfied are you with your call? With our company?

The second, third, and fourth ones are where you’ll get the most interesting insights in my experience.