Infamous “Podcasting Patent” Knocked Out

Joe Mullin for Ars Technica:

A year-and-a-half after the Electronic Frontier Foundation created a crowd-funded challenge to a patent being used to threaten podcasters, the patent has been invalidated.

In late 2013, after small podcasters started getting threat letters from Personal Audio LLC, the EFF filed what’s called an “inter partes review,” or IPR, which allows anyone to challenge a patent at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

The order issued today by the USPTO lays to rest the idea that Personal Audio or its founder, Jim Logan, are owed any money by podcasters because of US Patent No. 8,112,504, which describes a “system for disseminating media content representing episodes in a serialized sequence.”

One has to wonder when someone will sue the USPTO for handing crazy patents such as this one. Or for that matter, when the US public will ask Congress to put an end to the shenanigans of Big Pharma lobbyists.