I Was an Undercover Uber Driver

Emily Guendelsberger, for the Philadelphia City Paper:

I talked to lots of drivers. But few kept a meticulous enough log of hours worked, miles driven and expenses paid that I felt comfortable using their data alone. Many drivers worried about getting in trouble, too — Uber can “deactivate” a driver for any reason. I needed someone on the record, someone whose data I knew I could trust.

So, in January, I applied to be an UberX driver myself.

Sobering story. Especially this bit:

On top of that, there’s periods where it’s unclear if anyone’s insuring the driver.

“Technically, Uber’s insurance covers you from the time you pick your passenger up until the time you drop them off,” says Jason Fidishun of Yardley-based Fidishun Insurance, an independent agency representing Progressive, which he says offers the only hybrid personal-commercial policy available in Pennsylvania developed with Uber and Lyft drivers in mind. The driver’s personal insurance, according to Uber, covers him when he doesn’t have a passenger in the car. “The problem is some insurance companies are saying, ‘As soon as you log on with your app, you’re using your car commercially'” — that is, if you’re hurrying to pick someone up but don’t have a passenger yet, there’s a possibility that the driver will be covered by neither policy in an accident.