Apple Made a Stylus!

Rene Richie, for iMore:

The Apple Pencil felt like a pencil: The weight and size is just right, and it doesn’t glide too fast over glass like current plastic-tipped third party styluses. It had a little drag, just like you experience with paper. No texture, obviously, but something smooth without being unnatural.

Apple has drastically increased the sensitivity of the iPad display to make this interactivity work, but they didnt add Force Touch to the display itself: Instead, the company added pressure awareness to the tip of the Apple Pencil. Apple also added a ton of smarts so the stylus, together with the iPad Pro, can measure position, force, and tilt.

I’m going to spending a lot of time sketching, drawing, and painting with the iPad Pro. A lot.

He won’t be the only one. And John Gruber was wrong on Apple never making a Stylus. I never got myself to drawing with a finger – or worse, a clumsy mouse. It might be just me. But a pencil strikes me as the right tool when you’re working on sketches or what have you.