Hi, I’m Denis de Bernardy.

I’m a French expat living in Budapest.

This is my personal website, on marketing, growth hacking, technology, and other topics.

I help startups refine their marketing to attract more clients.

What I can do for you in a nutshell:

  • Find, cold-call, and close early adopters to sketch out a minimum viable product.
  • Provide insights on your audience through direct interactions, surveys, and analytics.
  • Generate more qualified leads by identifying and activating untapped growth opportunities.
  • Activate more leads and convert more prospects by refining your marketing copy.
  • Fine-tune and automate your sales process by setting up A/B tests and transactional emails.
  • Make your product engage and retain more users by improving its UI/UX and usability.
  • Amplify your revenue per client by spotting occasions to up-sell, cross-sell, and repeat-sell.
  • Grow your business in Europe by trail blazing new direct and indirect sales channels.

I’m currently open for opportunities. Don’t hesitate to connect and get in touch if any the above is of general interest to you:

  • d@mesoconcepts.com
  • Skype: ddebernardy