‘More Than 95 Percent of Custom Apps Developed by Businesses are Written for Apple Devices’

Leaving aside what this implies for Android devices (i.e. that they’re just a notch above being used as dumb phones), it begs the question of whether Microsoft can get its act together and make a comeback.


Time to Take Bets on Frexit and the French Franc?

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, spinning a molehill into a mountain:

Marine Le Pen’s Front National won 54pc of the vote. It was a bad defeat for the Gaulliste UMP, a party at risk of disintegration unless it can find a leader in short order.

President Hollande’s Socialists were knocked out in the first round, due to mass defection to the Front National by the working-class Socialist base. The Socialists thought the Front worked to their advantage by splitting the Right. They have at last woken up to the enormous political danger.

Oh please…

We’re discussing a small town, in an area with a long history of voting for the extreme-right. And the candidate was elected with a pitiful 45% turnout (French).

Can we stop this fear-mongering about Europe in Anglo-Saxon media outlets? It’s beyond ridiculous.


Cockroach Farms Multiplying in China

At least five pharmaceutical companies are using cockroaches for traditional Chinese medicine. Research is underway in China (and South Korea) on the use of pulverized cockroaches for treating baldness, AIDS and cancer and as a vitamin supplement.

Bon appétit.


Microsoft’s $7.2 Billion Nokia Bet Not Luring Apps

Ultimately, it comes down to where developers can make money — and that’s not with Microsoft, said William Hurley, a co-founder of Chaotic Moon, a maker of apps for companies including Walt Disney Co. (DIS) He said the company’s most recent game, “Dragon Academy” — which is free to download, with consumers paying for upgrades — generated more in one hour of sales on Apple devices than was made through all of Chaotic Moon’s releases globally for Windows Phone in the past year.

Sounds like Microsoft is going to have a rough time climbing out of the hole they’re into.


Fairfex Strikes $4.7 Billion Deal to Buy BlackBerry

Any odds Apple made more than that during the first WE sales of its latest iPhones?


The Feynman Lectures

Mainly mechanics, radiation, and heat.

Cool stuff if you ever want to freshen up on physics.


Kopi Luwak: Time to Cut the Crap

So kopi luwak is now rarely wild: it’s industrialised. Sounds disgusting? It is. The naturally shy and solitary nocturnal creatures suffer greatly from the stress of being caged in proximity to other luwaks, and the unnatural emphasis on coffee cherries in their diet causes other health problems too; they fight among themselves, gnaw off their own legs, start passing blood in their scats, and frequently die.



A “Good+Better” Portfolio

An insightful take on the new iPhone lineup by Horace Dediu.

He concludes:

Finally, if the good enough alternative is being “pinned” by Apple as the mid-range it also begs the question of why there isn’t a specific “low end” version. It took six years for Apple to fork the product into two variants. Maybe it will take another year for it to stretch to a third.

Agreed. An iPhone 6, 5S and 5C lineup next year at the current three price points feels somewhat odd. Even alien, after the iPhone 5 got dropped in favor of a cheaper to manufacture, refreshed model.

The iPhone 4S seems like a placeholder until either a third device kicks in, or a two-device lineup replaces the current three with a price knock off somewhere.


The Use and Abuse of Civil Forfeiture

I’ve been meaning to share this one for almost month.

Just go read it. Seriously.


Tempus fugit, as they say.

It seems like yesterday when I travelled away from Malta. And after several weeks of moving around, here I am back online.

New country, new city, and a new chapter in my life. Budapest is beautiful, in case you’re wondering.

Regular posting will resume shortly.

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